“Amazing service! I’ve been working with different proofreading professionals and Rachel is by far the best!”

 – Gabriela Martinez Sainz, Postdoctoral Researcher.

 “I had a great experience working with 100% Proof. They turned my novel around within the tight deadline I gave, with no compromise on quality. Recommended.”

– Robert Cowan, author of ‘The Search for Ethan’ available now on Amazon.co.uk.

“I recommend 100% Proof: proofreading services to all those who need help with their English language skills, as well as to those English native speakers who simply don’t have time to review their texts – whatever the format. Rachel has proved to be very professional regarding grammar and semantic skills, and has fulfilled her tasks always on time. Her suggestions to improve the standard of my English and the fluency of the text itself really made a difference in my MSc dissertation. I was very pleased with Rachel’s work and I commend her.”

– Sofia Oliveira, MSc Architecture.

Words can’t describe the quality of Rachel’s work. I am doing my PhD at one of the top 10 UK universities and naturally my supervisors’ expectations are higher than normal or average. They don’t settle for ‘ok’ or ‘good’, as everything handed in must be top quality, not just data or analysis but also the quality of presentation and writing. I am not a native English speaker but I believe my level of English is pretty good. But sometimes when you are writing a 100000 word mammoth piece things can get a little bit messy. So I needed a second pair of eyes who could help improve the flow and grammar used in my writing. I had quite a few criticisms on these areas until I found Rachel. Initially I was a little bit hesitant about whether she would be able to deliver the expected quality of writing and editing I was looking for, but to my surprise she did a splendid job! She was extremely patient, very very accommodating, i.e. even when I asked her for a 2-3 days turnaround for 10000 words she worked beyond her means and gave up personal commitments to make sure my demands were met on time. I cannot believe this is the first time I had a review committee where my supervisors could not find a single mistake to criticise, it surprised me more so than them. Rachel has not only helped to build my confidence in writing but now I have started to identify the areas where I make repeated mistakes. I am glad that she offers this great service for a reasonable price as I found other people charging more for below UG quality work. Anyway, I endorse her full heartedly and she will be my editor of choice for the rest of my academic career!

– Ronnie Das, PhD candidate

Great service. Proofread 15,000 words in just couple of days as I sent it few days before submission! Always replies to emails. Very professional and friendly. Thank you R.

– Alicja Yilmaz, MSc Nursing

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